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Southern Cochise County Literary and Media Contacts. Website URLs and other contact information — for local literary and media organizations — can be downloaded free here.

The § symbol designates Cochise County websites.

A Word with You Press

Prose editing, publishing, and website services.

"Services" webpage

Amazon: Kindle Direct Publishing

Self-publishing website for eBooks (for Kindle reader only) and paperbacks.

Homepage = https://kdp.amazon.c*m/en_US/
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KDP Select service
Publishing package that adds expanded services and promotional tools.

Homepage = https://kdp.amazon.c*m/en_US/select
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Author, Publisher, and Vendor Guides
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Author Central (author pages)
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American Life in Poetry

Weekly online column featuring different poets — provided free to newspapers and online publications. Hosted by former U.S.A. poet laureate Ted Kooser.


Archway Publishing

Professional-level consultation offered in "fiction," "nonfiction," "children's," and other genre "packages." The Fiction Package offers support for intellectual-property protection, editorial and design work, production, and marketing/distribution. Each "package" has different offerings — for Author, Designer, Bookseller, Director, and Publicist. A subsidiary of Simon & Schuster.

Publishing packages

§ Arena Publishing

Layout, design, and distribution assistance for self-publishing authors.

Facebook page

§ Dick Bakken

Poet, editor, and educator from Bisbee.

Poets & Writers — "Poets and Writers Directory" entry

§ Leo Barron

Historian and writer from Sierra Vista.


Dawn-Michelle Baude

International poet, journalist, educator, and Senior Fulbright Scholar.


§ Katie Bertrand

Freelance journalist and fiction/nonfiction writer, from Sierra Vista. Member of the High Desert Writers workshop.

WordPress webpage. "Stories" webpage.

§ Bisbee Books and Music

Bookstore in Old Bisbee.



Self-publishing website for print and eBooks, with online marketing and sales options available. Company partners with Amazon.


§ Ken Boe

Bisbee poet and artist.

Homepage. Patreon blog.

§ Betsy Foster Breault

Bisbee home-studio artist and writer.

Facebook page


Online book-marketing website.


§ Cochise College Mirage Literary and Arts Magazine

Annual literary magazine from Cochise College. Accepts submissions.


§ Cochise County Library District

View ebooks, use professional research tools, download audiobooks, and search the county's entire book inventory. Books can be reserved and transferred to any of the county's libraries.


§ Cochise Writers

Free critique group for poets, short-story writers, memoirists, novelists, nonfiction writers, and bloggers of all experience levels.

Group information. Group's blog.

§ Copper Queen Library

Events page.

§ Elizabeth Cowan

Author of romantic suspense novels and humor books.



Self-publishing website for hard copy and eBook formats, with marketing assistance available. Owned by Amazon.


§ Creative Writing Celebration

The Cochise Creative Writing Celebration is an annual, two-day event sponsored by Cochise College. Published writers in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and screenwriting give hands-on workshops for aspiring writers. It has writing competitions in memoir (nonfiction), poetry, and short-story fiction.

Homepage. Facebook page.

Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts...

Online/Skype writer-mentoring website. Competitions for nonfiction, short story, and poetry.


§ Chris Dietz

Poet, fiction writer, essayist, cartoonist, and teacher from Bisbee.


Amazon author webpage: https://www.amazon.c*m/Chris-Dietz/e/B07N8C1K33?ref_=dbs_p_pbk_r00_abau_000000.
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§ Douglas Dispatch newspaper

Weekly events calendar for Douglas and southern Cochise County.

Events calendar.

§ Douglas Public Library

Programs and Events webpage.

Chris Enss

New York Times best-selling author of non-fiction books about women of the Old West. Graduate of Buena High School in Sierra Vista.


§ Get Lit. Books

Bookstore in Sierra Vista.


§ Judy Gignac

Nonfiction writer from Sierra Vista. Her book, on this website's REFERENCES > Authors page, is listed under "Judy DuPont-Gignac." Member of the High Desert Writers workshop.

Trafford Publishing's free preview/downloading webpage for memoir. Publisher's downloading webpage.

Amazon book page = https://www.amazon.c*m/Am-Here-Yet-Reflections-Memories-ebook/dp/B07NC4Q74Y/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=judy+gignac+Am+I+here+yet%3F&qid=1560285882&s=books&sr=1-1.
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§ Richard William Graeme IV

Author and middle-school science and history teacher.

Amazon author's page = https://www.amazon.c*m/default/e/B01CTBLBXW?redirectedFromKindleDbs=true.
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§ Maureen Harris

Author, publisher, screenplay/teleplay writer, 3D artist.


§ Herald/Review newspaper

Weekly entertainment/culture section and daily events calendar for the Sierra-Vista/Bisbee newspaper.

SoCo A&E (Southern Cochise Arts & Entertainment). Events calendar.

§ Doug Hocking

Historian and nonfiction and historical fiction writer from Sierra Vista.


§ Huachuca City Library



Ebook and print (hardcover and paperback) production for self-publishing authors. Online sales assistance. Largest book distributor for the nation's independent book stores.


James Jay

Flagstaff poet, essayist, educator, and bartender. A popular workshop leader at Cochise College's annual Cochise Creative Writing Celebration.


§ Ross Lampert

Science-fiction and fantasy writer, poet, and blogger from Hereford. Leader and co-founder of the Cochise Writers workshop. (Meeting information in "Each Month" section of the EVENTS webpage.)


§ Ken Lamperton

Bisbee-based writer, artist, and naturalist. Facilitator of the Poetry Critique Society. (Meeting information in "Each Month" section of the EVENTS webpage.)


§ Annie Graeme Larkin

Prose writer and historian from Bisbee.

Arcadia Publishing webpage.


Self-publishing and book-marketing and -selling website.


§ Suzanne M. Malpass

Novelist and Cochise-County "snowbird." Member of the High Desert Writers workshop.

Straddle Books homepage

§ Geoff McLeod

Fiction writer from Hereford. Member of the High Desert Writers workshop.

Amazon author webpage: https://www.amazon.c*m/s/ref=dp_byline_sr_book_1?ie=UTF8&text=Geoff+McLeod&search-alias=books&field-author=Geoff+McLeod&sort=relevancerank.
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Tom Miller

Journalist and travel writer, living in Tucson.

Book sales

§ Alex O'Meara

Fiction and nonfiction author and professor at Cochise College.


§ Beth Orozco

Chairperson of the annual Cochise Creative Writing Celebration. Professor at Cochise College and the University of Arizona South.

Borderland Studio homepage

The § symbol designates Cochise County websites.

§ Cat Parenti

Journalist and author from San Jose (Bisbee).


Logan Timoteo Phillips

Tucson poet, DJ, artist, performer, and educator.


Poetry Flash

Literary review and readings/event calendar for the western U.S.A. Submission opportunities.


Poetry Foundation

A resource-filled website with poems for all ages, audio readings and interviews, poetry collections, poet biographies, and calendars of events and exhibitions. Educational materials for children, teens, adults, and educators. Sponsored by a foundation dedicated to continuing the work of the late Harriet Monroe, founder of Poetry magazine.



Free resource for poets.



Large resource with searchable, curated collection of poems, biographies, anthologies, and textbooks and extensive materials for teachers. "Poetry Near You" service for finding poetry events and resources by postal zip code. Listings of poet jobs, programs, and lesson plans. Sponsored by the Academy of American Poets.


Poets & Writers

Massive resource with information on contests, magazines, small presses, literary agents, references, books, conferences, workshops, and jobs. Also has an events calendar and writer directories.


§ Post-Soviet Depression Press

Publishing house for Bisbee writers and artists.


§ Lucinda Sage-Midgorden

Science fiction writer.


§ Lars Samson

Poet from Whetstone. Publicity/Outreach for the High Desert Writers workshop. (Meeting information.)


§ Anthony Schlagel

Bisbee novelist.


Richard Shelton

Tucson poet, novelist, and Emeritus Regents Professor of English at the University of Arizona.


§ City of Sierra Vista
Leisure and Library Services Department

Wide variety of short-term, city-sponsored classes for adults and children.

Leisure Classes webpage

Facebook page


Ebook self-publishing website.


Society of Southwestern Authors

A nonprofit association of writers and publishing professionals promoting mutually supportive friendship among writers.

Homepage. Chapters in Phoenix, Tucson (email), the Santa Cruz Valley, and Wickenburg.

§ Debrah Strait

Fiction writer from Bisbee. Member of the Cochise Writers and High Desert Writers workshops.


§ Tombstone Library


Trafford Publishing

Self-publishing services including registration, online distribution, and front-cover and text design.


§ Jay Treiber

Novelist and writing professor at Cochise College and the University of Arizona South.


Tucson Festival of Books

Saturday-and-Sunday event held each spring on the University of Arizona campus, Tucson. Presentations, workshops, and readings by recognized authors. Entertainment and food and retail booths. Most events are free. Has writing competitions.


University of Arizona Poetry Center

General and collection information for the Tucson center. Also, readings and activities calendars and educational programs.

Homepage. Events calendar.

§ Emilie Vardaman

Retired English professor and writer of bilingual children’s books from Naco. Member of the High Desert Writers workshop.


Amazon webpage = https://www.amazon.c*m/Luisa-Green-Sea-Turtle-Tortuga/dp/1721207228/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Emilie+Vardaman&qid=1560288378&s=books&sr=1-1.
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Voices on the Wind

Free, quarterly online poetry journal. Accepts submissions. Edited by prose/poetry writer and retired Cochise College English professor Leslie Clark.


§ Laurinda Wallace

Mystery/true-crime novelist from Hereford.


Writer's Digest

Massive resource with free articles, ongoing forums, editor blogs, online workshops, and editorial services. Information on competitions, conferences, and other events.


Writer's Resource Center

Free articles on the writing business, freelancing, poetry, fiction, and editing — with a general-topics blog. By John Hewitt, a prose/poetry and technical writer in Tucson.


Z Publishing

Publishes anthologies of new writers, expired-copyright classics, and classics anthologies. Accepts submissions for upcoming anthologies.


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